Our Stories of Mentorship

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“Together, I sit with them and absorb the energy of empowered women physicians who have maintained a sense of self. I didn’t think that was possible, but apparently it is, if you try…” – Learning this Language by Allison Munn, MD candidate 2019

“Together we ride the ocean of healthcare on a large ship with powerful, strong women students. Intermittently, someone is tossed into the waves and we throw out the life preserver…”- Metamorphosis by Megan Furnari, MD

“I am humbled by the stories of how my presence in their early professional lives has mattered. On days that I flounder and search for meaning, I only need to reach out to them…” – Spreading Light by Elizabeth Lahti, MD


Physician Interviews:

Coffee with Dr. Sara Schwanke Khilji: Hear Dr. Schwanke Khilji describe her path to medicine and global health, working in Sri Lanka and Malaysia before taking her current position as Director of Interprofessional Education for OHSU Global at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Be prepared to take risks, stand your ground, and know what it is you want to do… Don’t let the constraints and structure of medicine shape what you want [from your career]. ” – Dr. Sara Schwanke Khilji